What is the Ideal In-Ground Swimming Pool Design?

in ground pool

For people who are thinking about getting an in-ground swimming pool, the time will come when you will have to make a decision regarding what type of swimming pool you want.  For some this may be a bit of a overwhelming experience as there are a lot of choices.  You may find yourself asking the question, “What is the ideal in ground swimming pool design?  The answer is not specific, there are things to be considered.  Don’t get too worried, though. There are some steps to you can take in order to make this decision a little easier, and your builder can also give you some good insight on what may be the best design for you.


First, you will want to look at your backyard and figure out the size of pool that would work best.  To do this, determine the location and orientation of where the pool will go.  Typically, you will want the pool in an area that gets a lot of sunshine.  The sun plays an important role, because it can help keep costs of heating the pool down, as well as offer the swimmer a nice atmosphere in which to swim.  Most people avoid areas where the majority of the pool will be shaded.  Also consider that if the pool is close to trees, there may be a significant amount of debris from the trees that will end up in your pool.  That will increase the time you spend cleaning the pool and decrease the time you will get to just enjoy it.  Depending on where you live there may be a requirement to have a fence as well, and that would be something to consider regarding the position of your pool.  Another thing to consider is who will be spending the most time in the pool.  If you have children that will be spending their summer vacations around the pool, you may want a design that will better accommodate their wants.

This could include factors that would affect the design, such as a deep end or a volleyball net.  If the goal is to have more of a place for leisure and the kids are grown and away, then you may want to consider a shallower type pool.  Unless you and the spouse frequently plan on having cannon ball contests, of course.  If you do have children and want something fun and exciting, I would like to caution you on installing a diving board or slide.  I know that they are fun, but the standards for residential pools with diving boards fall short in my opinion.  There are rules that builders must follow when installing a dive pool regarding depth, and distance from the slope of the pool.  Typically, to save on cost of building the pool, the pool will be built at the minimum depth, and distance allowed.  It may be difficult to visualize but this minimum requires that the dive be executed perfectly every time.  There is not much room for error in this.  A poorly executed dive could result in injury.  Slides are the other thing I would caution about.  They have their own set of rules and, if not installed properly, could again result in injury.  In addition to that, there may come the day that the kids are no longer satisfied with just sliding down, and decide it may be more exciting to try jumping from the top of the slide into the pool.  I know this one from experience, and I will never forget the look my mother gave me when she saw me jump off the slide.

Once you get those details hatched out, you will want to consider whether you want a basic rectangle pool, or if you would prefer a more free form, lagoon type pool.  The difference is in the aesthetics; some find that a pool with curves looks more visually pleasing.  The other thing to consider is if you will want an automatic pool cover.  I highly recommend having an auto cover installed for a number of reasons.  They help with heating the water, which will keep costs down; they help fight water evaporation, which again aids in saving money; they help keep debris out of the pool, which saves on cleaning; and they act as a safety feature preventing kids or others from accessing the pool without permission.  There are a number of different auto cover designs so they can be installed on virtually any style of pool.
Another thing is the visual appeal of the pool.  Are you looking to impress? Are you more interested in functionality? Do you want a combination of the two?  With the technology available today, a pool can be made to suite any need you may have.


Honestly, the best way to go about deciding on what is the ideal in-ground swimming pool design is to talk to your builder.  If they are a credible company, they will surely have the experience to help aim you in the right direction.  Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed, let the builder offer some suggestions, and share you thoughts, concerns, and ideas with them.  They are there to help you, and you should have the pool you have always wanted.  Do some research, Google Images is full of examples of spectacular pools and is a good resource to use to get some ideas.  Also look into builders in your area.  If you live in an area where there are multiple builders, it is important to do some research.  I understand that cost is important, but keep in mind you get what you pay for.  Some builders are there to make a sale, and others are there to get you what you want and do the job right.  You really do need to do the research on the company.  Ask questions like, how long have they been around, and do they have a store front? I know the second question might seem irrelevant, but most people don’t want Mr. Joe Humbum with a pickup truck and ladder charging a substantial amount of money and giving them a muddy hole in the ground.  Also, the cost should reflect their work.  Look online for reviews of the company and the work they do.

There maybe a number of things to consider when deciding on the design of the your swimming pool, but with the proper research and help from a credible builder, the experience should be exciting and fun, and the end result should leave you feeling like you have made the right choice in both the design and the builder.