Fiberglass Swimming Pool Steps – Not Created Equal

only alpha step style

In the swimming pool industry today there are several different types of entry systems that one could choose from when having a pool built.  They are all a little different from one another and they all offer something different than the others.  So how do you know which is best for you?  In my opinion the best way to go about solving this question is to ask yourself a few more questions.  First which style has the most appeal?  Then decide which is the most practical for your family.  Finally determine how much you want to spend on your entry system.  These are some of the things that you will have to consider in your decision making.  In addition to that it may be a good idea to talk to your builder and see what they recommend.  They will be able to tell you which type is their best seller and may even be able to tell you something about the structural integrity of the different steps.  For instance I know that the thermo plastic steps may eventually warp and not look the best.  Another thing that should be considered is the manufacturer of the steps.  Not all manufacturers make the steps the same way and in some cases the way the steps are made makes a big difference.  Today I want to take the time to explain to my readers why all acrylic fiberglass steps are not created equal.

Only Alpha’s Fiberglass Steps

In the past I have gone into great detail about the differences between Only Alpha Pool Products and other manufacturers.  Basically the difference is that while Only Alpha strives to be the best and create new and better swimming pool components, their competition seems to only be doing what is necessary to get by.  This is also true when it comes to the acrylic fiberglass steps.  The steps made by Only Alpha are made with the highest quality material available.  In addition to that the up most care is taken to ensure that everything that leaves their facility is free of defects and blemishes.

Other step manufacturers use a filler material like talc in their steps to cut down on their cost of material.  What this means is that the steps bought from them are not made with quality in mind.  Instead they are thinking about how they can increase profits by using filler material in their steps and charging the same amount for them as if they were a high quality product.  In my opinion this is wrong.  Nobody should ever buy anything under false pretenses.  Most consumers will never realize that their expensive acrylic fiberglass steps are made poorly until it is too late.  At that point they will have a large eye sore in their beautiful swimming pool.  So what makes Only Alpha so different?  They use only the best material in their acrylic fiberglass steps.  In addition to that they don’t use cheap filler material to help cut costs.  So their customers receive the highest quality step on the market every time.

For more information regarding in ground swimming pool products and general swimming pool information please check out my other blog posts.  Also please take the time to check out Only Alpha’s website at and really see what makes them better than the rest.  From there you will have access to different links and information pertaining to their products and get side by side comparisons of different products so you can actually see why their products are superior.