How to increase summer fun

It’s cold outside at the moment.  The winter weather is already starting to show up.  Some places have already gotten a lot of snow.  There are basically two kinds of people when it comes to winter weather.  Those who like the snow and those that dread every day of it.  Regardless of how you personally feel about this season you know that eventually it will end and the summer sun will come back out bringing with it all the fun of the summer season.  The amount of fun that comes next summer will depend on what you put into it.  Some people look forward to going on vacations to exotic places.  Some will plan on taking their families to amusement parks with fun characters that walk around bringing smiles to the faces of young and older folks alike.  While I understand that these types of vacations are very fun for families, the problem that I see with them is that they often end in a week or so.  That leaves you with the rest of the summer to try and figure out how to keep the kids entertained and more importantly, active.

I grew up with video games just like my sons generation will, however I was never one to be content with sitting in front of the T.V. for hours playing games.  Perhaps I was too easily distracted with other things.  I was the kid who was always outside getting dirty, and in some cases getting into trouble.  That is how I hope my son will be in the summertime as he gets older.  Obviously I don’t want him to get into too much trouble, but I feel that is a part of being a kid.

I certainly don’t want my son to sit in front of the T.V. every day playing games or on an iPad or any other source of virtual entertainment.  I would rather him go out and play freeze tag, go fishing, go swimming or anything else that is active and won’t get him into too much trouble.

I feel that these are the two biggest reasons why people decide to get an in ground swimming pool.  Instead of spending thousands every year on vacations and overly priced souvenirs people are taking that money and putting it into their own backyards.  They get a pool, they get an outdoor kitchen, they get an outdoor fireplace, and surround these things with beautiful landscaping.  This is all in an effort to save money in the long run.  They turn their own backyards into a place where they can spend their summers and have a lot of fun.  They host pool parties for their kids, they enjoy backyard barbecues with their neighbors, friends, and families, and when the kids go to bed they turn their pool lights and landscaping lights on and go outside to have a drink on the pool deck overlooking the sparkling water.

This is also a way to get the kids outside and active for a while each day.  Just imagine your children having lunch on the patio from time to time during the summer.  They awake each morning anticipating the moment when they can finally go outside and go swimming.

One thing that I will be doing this summer with my son is have an outdoor movie night, and maybe letting it turn into a backyard camping trip.  I will set up the screen and projector on the back patio and put the tent in the yard so we can lay in our sleeping bags and watch some fun kids movies until he falls asleep.  Ideally he will sleep all night but I get the feeling that he will probably wake up at some point and want to go inside.  I will never know unless we give it a try, who knows, it may turn into a yearly daddy, son adventure…. (Mommy can come too if she wants, that is if she lets me do this in the first place)  At any rate the point is that having your very own backyard oasis opens the door for virtually endless summer fun.  I think that putting your money into your own backyard is really worth considering.  Get a pool, get a out door kitchen, get a fire pit, do some landscaping, and get you and your family outside this coming summer.  I have written about a variety of different reasons why one should do this.

For more information on why having your own vinyl liner in ground pool will benefit you and your family just scroll through my blog and read a bit.  There are a lot of benefits to having your own swimming pool.  So many that there is likely to be at least one that will peak your interest.